Surface Design and Creativity

Showroom Remodelling

Since 2005, when the Porcelain Tiles brand was born, technology and manufacturing innovation has advanced at an unimaginable rate. Today, our clients are realising the most extraordinary and breathtaking concepts, all fabricated from porcelain; luxurious interiors featuring bespoke, monolithic furniture to opulent exterior schemes designed to last a lifetime.

Our Finchley Road showroom has been remodelled to meet with these changing demands. With focus on surface design and creativity, the project was tasked with providing an open, engaging space with lighting playing a key role. Bespoke LED lighting installations have been fitted, emphasising colour temperature, contrast and texture to create a true, realistic viewing experience. While new, three meter high panels demonstrate the sheer scale and proportion of these porcelain tiles, the remodelling has also provided us with the opportunity to exhibit bespoke fabrication and object-based design ideas made possible with this innovative surface material.

Our bright, high-res touchscreens provide an informative browsing hub and help to reinforce product decisions, while high ceilings and wide open spaces, enhance the showroom atmosphere and improve the experience for our clients. Visit us at:

23 Temple Fortune Parade
Finchley Road
NW11 0QS

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