Advantages of Porcelain

The most advanced, sustainable and luxurious surface covering available today.

Porcelain’s extraordinary qualities combining unrivalled durability with stunning beauty give our tiles significant advantages over all other floor and wall coverings.

  • Porcelain can be both Contemporary
    And Traditional

    The latest advances in manufacturing techniques produce porcelain tiles that are indistinguishable from natural stones and other materials. We offer an astonishing range of tiles that simulate precious marbles and natural woods, concrete, and metal. The versatility of these designs makes porcelain tiles the perfect choice for both contemporary and traditional spaces.

  • Porcelain is Harder, Stronger
    And More Durable Than Granite

    Porcelain tiles are manufactured from extremely pure clays and minerals that are shaped by dry pressing and then fired at very high temperatures (1250ºC). The result is a fully vitrified tile with an extremely low level of water absorption. It is harder, stronger, and more durable than any natural stone – even granite – and has superior chip resistance.

    It is so strong that it is frequently used in car and boat showrooms as well as on external driveways.

  • Porcelain is Perfect For
    High Traffic Areas

    With no surface glaze to wear through, the tiles’appearance will stay the same for the life of the tile. This is why porcelain is specified for high-traffic commercial and industrial applications such as airports, rail stations, shopping malls, department stores, restaurants, hotels, offices and educational buildings.

  • Porcelain is Ideal For
    External Applications

    Porcelain also tolerates sub-zero temperatures. This important quality makes it an ideal solution for external applications such as cladding, patios, conservatories, swimming pools and hard landscaping in cold climates.

  • Porcelain is Non-Porous And
    Extremely Hygienic

    Porcelain is virtually impervious to water. Unlike natural stone, the tiles will not be damaged by water, so sealants are unnecessary. If flooded, the tiles simply need to be dried and cleaned; other materials would need to be replaced. In addition porcelain tiles are the most appropriate flooring type for underfloor heating as they retain heat efficiently.

    Because porcelain is impermeable and extremely hygienic, it is often specified for areas requiring rigorous hygiene regimes, such as clinics and hospitals, medical practices, laboratories and beauty salons. It is also impervious to acids, alkalis, strong detergents and solvents – nothing can penetrate the surface of the tile to damage it. This is an important attribute for laboratories, stores and testing areas.

  • Minimal Waste And
    Environmentally Friendly

    Porcelain is made from natural raw materials, and the minimal waste is recycled back into the manufacturing process. It contains no chemicals such as waterproofing agents, varnishes or resins. Unlike natural stone, it is not polished using lead and does not give off any gasses when exposed to flame.

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