Porcelain Tiles Esplorare le possibilità2024 Surface Collection

Italian Porcelain Tiles

Representing a new generation of innovative surface materials, Italian porcelain tiles provide designers with new opportunities, allowing them to realise the most extraordinary and breathtaking concepts and bringing their ideas to life.

Porcelain Tile Surfaces

From architectural structures to custom-made furniture, contemporary landscapes to luxurious interiors, this versatile material is now at the heart of each concept, shaping the space around us and changing the way we think about surface covering. Offering an extensive range of ideas, colours and styles, we welcome you to the 2024 Porcelain Tiles Surface Collection.

Our tile collection is divided into five distinct categories. These include marble effect porcelain tiles, stone effect porcelain tiles, concrete effect porcelain tiles, metallic effect porcelain tiles and wood effect porcelain tiles. All our ranges feature the latest manufacturing techniques, and benefit from porcelain’s exceptional strength and durability. And now with large format tile, natural colours and authentic textures, Italian porcelain has become the most advanced, sustainable and luxurious surface covering available today. We also achieve the highest level of quality and performance without harming the environment and our Italian porcelain tiles are proudly “ECOLABEL” and “LEED®” certified.

Large Format Porcelain Tiles

Displaying extraordinary attention to detail, each porcelain slab provides 5 m2 of surface area. The marble styles within our Surface Collection are offered with up to six graphical faces and form an authentic and uninterrupted surface with delicate veining continuing across each panel, ideal for luxurious wall cladding. Our interactive tile showrooms have been carefully designed, and provide clients with the space and the time to appreciate each tile. Digital touchscreen technology has been employed throughout, and in-house architects are on-hand to offer assistance and 3D illustrations using the latest CAD software.

By combining a lighter weight with increased technical performance, the Surface Collection represents a new generation of innovative surface materials. Redefining previous rules on size, new 1.6 by 3.2 metre formats provide designers with the versatility to realise the most ambitious of schemes. A thickness of just 6 millimetres means tiles can be laid on floors, used to clad walls or fixed to any vertical or horizontal surface, producing an easy to install, continuous flat surface with minimal grout lines and maximum decorative impact. Intense colours, a highly polished surface and a wide choice of formats, mean that this unique collection of pporcelain tiles is sure to add character and create a masterpiece within any interior space.

Porcelain Tiles Tailor-made Service

Through our Tailor-made solution designers can express their creativity to realise the extraordinary. The surface of porcelain is completely waterproof and has anti-microbial properties. This makes it the ideal material for individual items like luxury bathroom furniture, basins, vanity units and wet-rooms to more complex schemes such as spas and wellness retreats. From luxurious interiors featuring bespoke, monolithic furniture to one-off pieces celebrating the artistry of the material, our clients are realising the most extraordinary and breathtaking concepts, all fabricated from porcelain. Each piece is designed and produced to stand the test of time by our technical team.

All items are bespoke and can be specified in a variety of sizes and styles to meet your design requirements. From hidden doors and sliding walls, kitchen worktops with integrated basins, vanity units, stand-alone objects, desks and furnishing accessories, every project can now benefit from the stunning beauty, flexibility and superior technical performance of Italian porcelain.

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