Welcome to a world of grandeur as you explore the Bookmatch Bliss Collection! Immerse yourself in the extraordinary with the largest, most exclusive range of large-format bookmatch slabs. Discover an array of choices, featuring over 50 styles, including classic marble, shimmering onyx, and textured stone. Elevate your space with bookmatch slabs, presented in Block A and Block B, with each pair measuring over 3 metres by 3 metres, to create a mesmerising mirrored design. Ideal for statement walls, feature fireplaces, and grand entrances, the perfect pairing will elevate your surroundings with unparalleled drama!

To support our porcelain surfaces and unleash the true potential of bookmatched slabs, we offer a fixed cost bookmatching cutting service. By unlocking your design aspirations these cut-to-size services empower designers, architects, and contractors to push creative boundaries and achieve their vision. This comprehensive service transforms the specification process for bookmatched slabs, streamlining onsite installation, ensuring vein matching, and lowering the risk of onsite damages. This level of support allows designers to have a relaxed approach to specifying large formats, and gives installers the confidence to handle slabs onsite and complete projects successfully.

Dynamic Duos!

Experience the unparalleled allure as two perfectly matched slabs come together, creating a seamless symphony of patterns and sophistication. Elevate your space with the powerful aesthetic impact of bookmatched pairs, where every installation tells a unique story of balance and beauty. Discover the transformative potential as these design companions redefine the art of interior elegance, bringing a new dimension to your surroundings.

Design with the classics...


Arabescato, Calacatta and Statuario marble effects


Experiment with Onyx.


Greens, pinks, greys, blacks and neutrals


Go bold!


Monochromes and daring designs


Refined subtlety.


Elegant bookmatched shades


Perfect Design Companions.

Discover the versatility of bookmatched porcelain slabs—an unparalleled design element that transcends conventional boundaries. From statement walls to luxurious bathrooms, grand entrances to sleek kitchen splashbacks, these slabs redefine the possibilities of interior aesthetics. Elevate your spaces with perfectly mirrored patterns that evoke sophistication and drama, creating an ambiance that resonates with your unique style. Explore the endless applications of bookmatched porcelain slabs and reimagine your space.

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