Bookmatch Slabs – Installation

Bookmatching is the practice of matching two marble surfaces, so that two adjoining surfaces mirror each other, giving the impression of an opened book. We offer a number of bookmatched designs as part of our Italian Porcelain Marble Collection which you can view here.

A fixed cost bookmatched trimming service is available that includes your bookmatched layout design prepared from dimensions or drawings as supplied by the client. From these specifications all four edges of the slab are precision cut by our state-of-the-art computer controlled waterjet cutting machines. Perfectly vein matched pieces are supplied fully labelled, and with detailed technical drawings for your installer to follow. This service is strongly recommended for 12 mm slabs, as trimming onsite is extremely difficult (see below). We also offer a full end-to-end design and installation service at additional cost, which includes an onsite survey and laser templating, layout design and cutting, delivery and installation. Please ask your design consultant for more information.

As with natural marble stone, occasionally the graphic that is displayed on bookmatched slabs does not accurately line up between Blocks A and Blocks B. Where this irregularity is present the pattern and veining of each marble surface will not appear precisely symmetrical. This deviation can sometimes measure plus or minus 10 mm in a vertical plane. Please note that the illustrations shown have been exaggerated to emphasise the variance.
Slight vertical disparity between blocks

6mm Bookmatch Slabs

Trimming 6 mm slabs to match
We recommend that when installing 6mm bookmatch slabs, care is taken before fixing to visually check for any variance between the two surfaces. In some instances it may be necessary to trim the top and bottom of one or both slabs to ensure that the graphic matches exactly with its mirrored pair.

12mm Bookmatch Slabs

12 mm trimming all four edges
Important Notice: 12 mm thickness bookmatch slabs are not rectified. This means that it will always be necessary to trim all four sides of both slabs to ensure that the graphic matches exactly with its mirrored pair. Trimming 12 mm slabs onsite is extremely difficult, we therefore strongly recommend that you include our fixed cost bookmatch trimming service when specifying 12 mm bookmatched slabs.
The slightest discontinuity between slabs can impact the visual impact of bookmatched slabs, so in order to ensure a successful installation we highly recommend that you follow the guide outlined above. Important Notice: Please ensure that the site has sufficient access and space to allow for handling and manoeuvring of 3.2 x 1.6 metre large format slabs.
Visually matching slabs

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