Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

The natural beauty of wood with the advantages of porcelain

The latest advances in manufacturing techniques produce authentic wood effect porcelain tiles with the beauty of real wood. Combining this with porcelain's inherent strength and durability, creates a virtually maintenance-free, wood effect tile, perfect for underfloor heating, high traffic or wet areas. See below for our 2017 Collection of wood effect tiles or view our full range of porcelain tiles.

What are the advantages of
using porcelain wood effect tiles?

  • Wood effect tiles offer great Durability

    Even the hardest wood gets dents, scratches and nicks over time. Porcelain is incredibly durable and won’t ever show wear and tear. The fact that it never needs sealing means there is no finish to wear off and remains the same over its lifetime. Perfect for high-traffic areas, it can withstand everything from parked cars to high heels.

  • Wood effect tiles are Waterproof

    Porcelain is impervious to water, making it the perfect material for outdoor spaces, pools, baths or kitchens. It will never warp, stain or crack like real wood.

  • Wood effect tiles are perfect for Underfloor Heating

    Not all wood is suitable for underfloor heating. Porcelain’s structure is not affected by changes in temperature and it retains radiant heat longer than most materials.

  • Wood effect tiles are Maintenance Free

    Because of its molecular structure, water, bacteria and other materials cannot penetrate the surface. Porcelain repels all kinds of stains and dirt making it one of the easiest materials to clean and maintain. It’s perfect for areas where excellent hygiene is important.

  • Wood effect tiles perfect Internal and External

    Because it’s frost proof and comes in a range of anti-slip surfaces, there’s no better material for outdoor use than porcelain. Wood decking needs staining and sealing every few years to maintain its beauty. Porcelain’s beauty never fades and after years of rain and sun will look as good as the day you installed it.

  • Wood effect tiles are available in Wide plank formats

    Wide planks in real wood mean using very old trees and this is expensive and not very eco-friendly. With porcelain you can have your choice of wood and widths without any extra cost to you or the environment.

  • Wood effect tiles are available in Limitless Designs

    Sourcing the right kind of natural wood can be a painstaking process if you’re looking for a perfect match in shade or texture. With the latest ink jet technologies, we are able to produce wood effect planks that are indistinguishable from the real thing, and have a much wider range of colours and textures than you would find in natural wood.

Welcome to our showroom

Clients are also welcome to meet with their interior designer or architect at our impressive and spacious London showroom to view the latest 2017 Collection.  All porcelain tiles are displayed on our unique, full-height feature walls, which allow the beauty and intricate texture of each range to be fully appreciated. We are also available for guidance and expert advice on suitability and trends in order to help realise the full potential of each project. Please do not hesitate to contact our specification team on 020 8731 6787 or email on enquiry@porcelaintiles.co.uk.

Prompt and efficient tile sample service

Tile samples are provided in 120 x 120 mm or 150 x 150 mm formats. For better representation of our more complex or subtle patterned tiles, we provide 150 x 300 mm format samples. You can order any number of samples at any one time. Please note due to natural colour variations, differences in shade can occur.

Finding your tiles

You can start here by browsing our tile collections. You can browse by tile effect or get some inspiration from our lifestyle photos.

Adding tiles to your sample order

Simply click on the tile range your are interested in. Within the Styles & Colours section of each range you should see the tile swatches that are available and their corresponding Order tile sample buttons. Clicking the appropriate button will add the tile selection to your order.


Completing your order

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