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Rectangular, triangular or any multi-sided polygon can be specified and there are no limitations regarding the dimensions or shape. Accurate custom-cut pieces are cut using the latest generation, high-performance Flow Mach 200 Waterjet cutting machines. As standard these are supplied with an unfinished edge, while 45° mitred edges can also be specified at no additional cost for mitre joints and 3D cladding.

Our Tailor-made+ solution ensures quality and function, and provides the opportunity to produce the truly bespoke. To discuss your interior design and home décor requirements speak with our design technicians who can walk you through the various options and discuss how to bring your ideas to reality.

Item Cut-to-size
Description Custom cut-to-size service
List price Material cost plus cutting cost
Cutting price £25 per linear metre
Colour TM6 Collection TM12 Collection TM20 Collection
Slab thickness [ 6 mm ] [ 12 mm ] [ 20 mm ]
Weight (per m2) 14 kg 32 kg 47 kg
Standard profiles (* Deemed to be nominal) [ Unfinished ] [ 45° Mitred Edge* ] [ -45° Mitred Edge* ]
Pricing explained Total cost is calculated from the material cost plus cutting cost. Cutting is priced per linear metre. Multiple pieces or cuts will be taken from a single slab where possible. The most cost-effective slab size will be selected for all orders. Please note that clients will be charged for the full cost of slab including any wastage. Pricing discounts will be formulated for bulk purchases. A set-up cost will be applied for short orders.
Cut-to-size limitations There are no limitations regarding the dimensions of a cut-out, provided that it can be cut from a single slab. Rectangular, triangular or any quadrilateral or multi-sided polygon can be specified. Accurate 45° mitred edges can be provided for fabrication projects and 3D cladding using the latest generation, high-performance Flow Mach 200 Waterjet cutting machine.
Colour Choose from our Tailor-made+ Collection.
Finish [ Natural ][ Polished ][ Honed ] Availability of finish is dependant on chosen surface colour.
Liability Please note that we cannot be held responsible for the structural and plumbing aspects of installation. We therefore accept no liability for damage to the item during installation. We strongly recommend choosing a reputable and qualified professional for installation of this item.
Preparation Two people may be required to safely handle and install this item.
  • Due to the considerable weight of Tailor-made+ items, when wall-mounting the walls or support structure to which it will be fixed must be checked and verified by a structural engineer. The installation should only commence once these supporting walls meet the necessary standards.
  • When wall-mounting, ensure that all electrical works, wall plumbing and pipe works have been carried out prior to installation.
  • Only once the fixing brackets have been securely mounted, should tiles be fixed to the wall.
Composite structure The internal structure of Tailor-made+ items depends on the weight and product type. See here for more information.
Order process Clients are encouraged to discuss their project with our Tailor-made+ consultants. We have a highly trained team of architects, engineers and account managers who will provide assistance through the entire process. This includes documenting your design, configuring options, confirming sizes and arranging delivery. Once the technical requirements for the project have been documented, our CAD technicians will prepare a technical drawing of the item for your signed approval. As soon as approval has been received and payment has been arranged, manufacturing will commence at our state-of-the-art UK studio.
Delivery & packaging Delivery & packaging cost will depend on the size and weight of the item and delivery postcode. The final cost will be communicated during your order confirmation. Each item is individually packed in a custom built enclosure using 4” x 2” timber. These enclosures ensure that stress and flex is not transferred to the item during transport. The enclosure is then wrapped and sealed in plastic.
Lead time Lead time 1-4 weeks from payment confirmation and receipt of signed technical drawing.
Disclaimer Please note that while every effort will be made to supply goods to the size and colour specified, due to the handmade nature of these items, slight variations may occur. We adhere to a dimensional tolerances limit of ±0.3%. It is also impossible to choose a specific graphical face or area of the tile and its location within the item. Where sizes are specified by the customer these are assumed to be the total dimensions to be made including any fixtures or fittings.
Updated V.21.158

The photographs contained within these pages are for illustrative purposes only and may not exactly match the product itself or the finish and pattern of the item supplied. The photographs and illustrations do not comprise any contractual warranty on our part and you should not rely on them as an exact representation of the product.


We are so confident in the quality of our craftsmanship that we are pleased to provide a limited warranty of 10 years on all Tailor-made+ items, the details of which are set out here.

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