Bespoke Products

Trasformiamo ogni idea in realtà

Inspiring interior designers and specifiers to create beautiful bespoke designs using Italian porcelain stoneware is at the core of our Tailor-made+ solution.


With the Tailor-made+ team providing the technical support, designers are free to use their creativity. We can work from a description, a rough sketch or full technical brief, enabling beautiful bespoke items to be conceived, designed and realised.

Our engineers provide technical drawings and a detailed specification. Everything we produce is fabricated in-house at our purpose built UK studio, whether it be a one-off item or a larger quantity for commercial use.

In collaborated with a number of designers, we have put together a small collection of example products to illustrate just some of what is possible. The Tailor-made+ Casa Collection offers a selection of essential bathroom products including single and double basins, vanities, shelving and storage items. The Tailor-made+ Cucina Collection offers luxuriously finished worktops, islands, waterfalls, kitchen tabletops, splashbacks and breakfast bars. All items can be customised to your specific size requirements and can be produced using any of our one hundred and fifty colours.

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