Unmatched in its quality and versatility, Porcelain stoneware provides the perfect surface for high performance worktops, kitchen islands and countertops.

With over one hundred and fifty authentic colours and textures including Calacatta marble, natural stone and hard wood, there is a style and colour to compliment any kitchen environment. Three metre long runs and custom widths, mean no joints and no limits while our bespoke cutting service provides pre-cut hob and sink cut-outs, ensuring your countertop is delivered ready to be installed with the edge profile of your choice.

Made for the kitchen

Porcelain stoneware is heat and blade resistant and provides a surface that cannot fade or loose its lustre. Daily products like coffee, red wine or tomato based sauces will not stain, and being fully heat resistant, hot pans direct from the hob can be safely placed its surface. In fact it is so tough that it is regularly specified within professional kitchens. Its non-porous surface prevents bacteria build-up, and creates a hygienic work surface that is ideal for food preparation, while protecting your family and making light work of general cleaning. You can read more about the technical performance and cooking top possibilities here.

  • Scratch Resistant

    Porcelain stoneware is extremely hard-wearing, suitable for professional countertops, even cutting boards!

  • Hygienic

    A non-porous surface means that bacteria cannot grow, creating a hygienic surface that is ideal for food preparation.

  • Heat Resistant

    The surface of porcelain is resistant to extreme heat, so there is no need to worry about pots or pans direct from the hob.

  • Stain Resistant

    Market leading stain resistance mean that daily products like coffee, red wine or tomato based sauces will not stain.

150 Colours

Displaying unrivalled realism, every colour and style offers the practical benefits of porcelain stoneware and provides a virtually maintenance-free, non-porous surface that is highly resistant to stains and scratches. This allows you to enjoy the beauty of marble, the texture of stone or the heft of concrete, without any of the production, maintenance or environmental issues. All designs can be continued across splashbacks, walls and floors for one uniform design, creating schemes that deliver on both the aesthetic and functional experience.

For standard worktop thicknesses over 30 mm, choose from our TM6 Collection. These tops are supplied with a mitred apron return or shark nose apron edge, and can provide a sense of delicacy or weight, depending on the required style. The solid 12 mm or 20 mm worktops provided in our TM12 and TM20 Collections have been enhanced further to meet the particular structural requirements of unsupported table top and worktop installations. The edge profile options for all countertops can be viewed here.

Countertops, islands and worktops

Using our Tailor-made+ solution, countertops, free-standing islands and waterfall island countertops can be specified in standard or custom sizes. They can be fitted above existing units or used with kitchen islands. They can be supplied pre-cut to fit an existing under-mounted basin or specified with an integrated sink. Cut-outs for cooking hobs and taps can be requested, while matching splashbacks complete your options.

Countertop Comparison
  UV Resistance Versatility Heat Resistance Scratch Resistance Chemical Resistance
Solid Surface

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