Welcome to the Calma range of porcelain tiles

Alongside tone and surface texture, colour is the central design element when using concrete as a building material. Calma is a new concrete-effect porcelain tile available in five dusty shades, including a pigmented charcoal. With ten practical sizes including 1.5 x 3 metre slabs, Calma is offered in 6 mm thickness, making it a flexible and adaptable surface for a host of applicational needs. For designers creating custom concrete interiors, Calma is completely waterproof, has anti-microbial properties and is resistant to extreme heat. This makes it the ideal material for countertops and work surfaces, but unlike standard concrete, Calma is practically maintenance free with its resistance to scratches and stains, and no requirement for sealant. Calma's authentic tones and textures make it ideal for contemporary schemes where the beauty of exposed materials is celebrated, combining a robust yet elegant surface with efficient and innovative design. Take a look at a selection of some of our below that feature these tiles. To order samples click on the appropriate  Order button next to the tile swatch and this will be added to your order.Calma is part of our Concrete Collection.

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