Welcome to the Terrazzo range of porcelain tiles

For over five hundred years terrazzo flooring has been celebrated for its durability and enduring beauty. Today, with its eco-friendly credentials and a current trend for artisan surfaces, terrazzo is as relevant as it was for the first Venetian architects. Made with natural raw minerals, Terrazzo Full Body is not “terrazzo” in name only. Displaying fragments, minerals and flecks throughout its thickness, each slab is unique and has its own naturally random pattern. No longer stuck with the historical smaller sizes, Terrazzo Full Body starts where traditional tiles end, offering a range of formats including 100 x 100 and 120 x 60 cm. Take a look at a selection of some of our below that feature these tiles. To order samples click on the appropriate  Order button next to the tile swatch and this will be added to your order.Terrazzo is part of our Stone Collection.

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