Welcome to the Bookmatch Bliss range of porcelain tiles

Welcome to the epitome of design excellence – introducing our latest collection, Bookmatch Bliss. Embrace the extraordinary with these large-format porcelain slabs, measuring up to an impressive 162 x 320 cm. Crafted to redefine spaces, Bookmatch Bliss offers a symphony of possibilities for feature walls, shower rooms, and statement splashbacks. Fully supported by our cutting and slab trimming services to simplify the installation process and ensure perfect vein matching. Bold in presence, these slabs are more than just surfaces; they are statements of style. Elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary, by using bookmatched slabs for luxury kitchen islands. Bookmatch Bliss stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of design innovation and offers the most diverse selection of bookmatch surfaces. See here for more information about the applications for bookmatch pairs. Note that 12 mm thickness bookmatch slabs are not rectified. This means that it will always be necessary to trim all four sides of both slabs to ensure that the graphic matches exactly with its mirrored pair. Trimming 12 mm slabs onsite is extremely difficult, we therefore strongly recommend that you include our fixed cost bookmatch trimming service when specifying 12 mm bookmatched slabs. See here for more information. Take a look at a selection of some of our below that feature these tiles. To order samples click on the appropriate  Order button next to the tile swatch and this will be added to your order.Bookmatch Bliss is part of our Marble Collection.

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